At the Public School Board’s Association of Alberta annual meeting, I conducted a workshop for members on Issues Management and Social Media: Perfect Storm or Perfect Opportunity. My goal was to give another perspective that done well, social media can enable an organization and often improve its reputation during difficult and challenging times.

Here is what I presented:

  • How Social Media Has Changed Crisis Communications And What That Means For You
  • First Out Of The Gate Grabs The Public’s Attention
  • Transparency In Communications Rules The Social Media Stream
  • You Can’t Control The Message, You Can Only Influence It, But Only If You Engage  In The Conversation
  • Beware The Dark Side Of Social Media, But Don’t Let It Stop You From Doing The Right Thing
  • Build Your Reputation And Social Media Connections And Relationships Well Before  A Crisis Happens
  • Have A Crisis Communications Plan Before A Crisis Hits • Let The Emotion And Personal Come Through In Your Communication
  • Make Social Media Part Of Your Everyday Business So The Transition During A Crisis Is Seamless • When A Crisis Hits Your Organization….Monitor, Monitor And Monitor Some More