Thu 10, 2014

In leadership we trust…Or do we?

Newly elected Alberta Premier Jim Prentice and his government are making changes at a monumental pace to rebuild a trust seriously broken by the past regime. The message is accountability and transparency; favourite words of leaders everywhere. Whether the new Tory government succeeds is still a question. Trust only grows when leaders deliver on the […]

Mon 07, 2014

The right length of blog posts, fat fingers and other social media truths

Who would ever think that longer blog posts are more likely to be read? That the sweet spot for the perfect length of a headline is six words? Rebecca Greenfield, staff writer at Fast Company recently wrote a great article that directly tackled what blogs can do for your business. She made the point that […]

Mon 07, 2014

Are your employees pulling you into their online conversations?

You would think with social media now around for more than 10 years, that we’d have this all figured out: people who comment online about different articles and sign in using both their names and their employers’ names. I can guarantee — you just need to read the comments — they’re not responding because their […]

Mon 07, 2014

The PR profession is at a crisis point

Sure, PR has an image problem and making the world a better place may not align with your impression of what PR or in my case strategic communications, delivers. But if done well, strategically, public relations is all about building relationships and finding common values and areas of interest and concern. More than any other […]