In 2016, the City of Edmonton called on LBcommunications to put together a communications and engagement strategy aligned with all the great work being done by the City to reduce serious injuries and deaths – pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and passengers – due to traffic accidents.

Cities everywhere are trying to resolve this issue and in many areas Edmonton is leading. Since 2006, Edmonton has done a lot to reduce traffic collisions, serious injuries and fatalities. In 2015, it became Canada’s first municipality to adopt the internationally-recognized Vision Zero philosophy and approach that no collisions or injuries from motor vehicles are acceptable.

But there’s always more to do.

The overall strategy promoted a collaborative, integrated approach recognizing that the City cannot effect change on its own. The strategy developed by LBcommunications included a plan of how to involve people and communities who believe passionately in pedestrian and bike safety; organizations that can influence policy and their audiences on road safety, and different government partners. It also took into account the reality that strongly entrenched behaviours never change overnight. The strategy used a behaviour model based on public health change.

From the work that LBcommunications did, the City has a multi-year strategy and plan of how to communicate and engage with people and over time help reduce serious traffic injuries and deaths.